About Yoga from the Heart

Yoga from the Heart offers evidence-based and clinically respected integrative care where classical yoga techniques meet contemporary mind-body science.

Services include trauma-informed bodywork, lifestyle yoga therapy with long term wellness plans, mindfulness meditation training, specialized yoga for cancer and handmade products for living well.

My Services

Inspirations for Healing

Calm and Private Space

I’ve moved!

Beautiful New Space.


Heated Floors.

Designed for Comfort.


Stephanee was absolutely wonderful. I love her approach to healing and would recommend her to anyone.


Stephanee’s approach to yoga and mindfulness is exactly what I need before a busy day or after one. She is very in tune with how people feel and is encouraging and kind.  Her heart is all in and she always makes you feel comfortable in any class she teaches.  She truly cares and her classes are just perfect.


Stephanee led me to a kinder, gentler place within myself than where I was before I entered the studio. Stephanee’s compassion, knowledge, leadership and kindness always deliver.


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