A Therapy Compilation
Post Covid-19
 Resiliency | Hope | Well-Being

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Bodywork | Lifestyle Therapy | Long-Term Wellness Plan

Therapeutic Yoga | Meditation Training | Handmade Offerings


Day-to-day stress relief
  • Calm your day-to-day worries and feel better in your body and in life.
  • Enhance your well-being with a spa-like experience.
  • Therapeutic touch for facial and deep tension release.
  • Restorative rest, hot/cold treatments, and chronic pain and stress relief.
  • Includes follow-up online content.
  • $55/session  (**In-House)

Lifestyle Body-Mind
Therapy Sessions

Transformational body-mind healing
  • Clinically respected, one-on-one yoga therapy for profound healing and resiliency.
  • Bodywork and trauma-informed mindfulness tools for living a better life.
  • Gentle, assisted body care with a specialized, psychotherapeutic process.
  • For issues related to chronic illness and pain, cancer, stress, PTSD, trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety.
  • $200/3 sessions- NEW SUMMER OFFER – $99 
  • (**1 In-House | 2 Zoom Sessions)

Long-Term Wellness Plan

Body-mind healing for real life
  • Progressive, thematic and therapeutic approach to empowerment and self-care.
  • On-going, in-depth therapeutic care.
  • Manage chronic illness, depression, anxiety. Process trauma, pain, grief.
  • Individualized program includes members only online content.
  • $130/mo- 12 month commitment (Discounts Yoga)
  • (**3/mo- Combo In-House | Zoom Sessions)

Therapeutic Yoga

Personalized sessions w/ home programs
  • Therapeutic, one-on-one yoga classes.
  • Trauma-informed care in a safe and supportive environment.
  • A special program designed for your unique goals and challenges.
  • Lifestyle and yoga for deep change.
  • Sessions include a home program.
  • $150/3 sessions (**In-House | Zoom Sessions)


6 week group program
  • Mindfulness and meditation instruction.
  • Thematic and progressive in a small group atmosphere.
  • Learn skills to build resiliency and manage life challenges.
  • NEW group program beginning in July.
  • (6 weeks July 11-Aug 18- Saturday 8:30-10a
  • Please Inquire for More Info  (**Zoom Sessions)


Products to support your practices
  • Mala-Inspired Bracelets- gems, stones, messages, charms.
  • Inspiration Decks- photos and quotes for mindful living.
  • Sold in The Mercado– shop at Restorative Therapy Co.
  • Please inquire about custom orders.

Living Well with Cancer Offerings

I Thrive

Body-mind yoga therapy
for cancer survivors
  • For those newly diagnosed, in active treatment, survivors, and caregivers.
  • Progressive, thematic and therapeutic approach to empowerment and self care.
  • 4 week series/ 90 min sessions include yoga therapy, wellness practices, home care manuals, and a bonus retreat day.
  • Support from a small, private group for the special needs of those touched by cancer.
  • $150 w/ one-on-one mentoring
  • scholarship fund- please inquire

Living Well with Cancer
Community Classes

Connect with other survivors
in your community
  • For those newly diagnosed, in active treatment, survivors, and caregivers.
  • Specialized (y4c) methodology for effective cancer rehab.
  • A skilled approach to manage side effects and long-term healing.
  • Build strength, vitality, improve immunity, and connect in community.
  • No fee

Serenity Sunday

Self-care workshops with
those touched by cancer
  • For those newly diagnosed, in active treatment, survivors, and caregivers.
  • Monthly workshops designed for those touched by cancer with themes of self-care and resiliency.
  • Yoga, expressive art, community connection, and refreshments.
  • A special community- deeply connected for deep healing.
  • $120/6 sessions  $25/single session
  • scholarship fund- please inquire

Living Well with Cancer
Rehab Program

In collaboration with Frank McKenna
and Sentara Healthcare
  • “Wellness Beyond Cancer”
  • Fitness, yoga, and wellness.
  • Details coming soon!
  • Begins this September!

Studio Group Classes
at Restorative Therapy Co

Restorative Classes

  • Deep focused relaxation and guided meditation.
  • Your whole body is held in well-supported and comfortable props.
  • A special class to guide you from day-to-day busyness to rejuvenating stillness.
  • Manage stress and restore your inner balance.

Gentle Flow Classes

  • A perfect class to end the day.
  • An all levels slow flowing practice.
  • Strengthen the body and balance the mind.
  • Work out your day-to-day stress.

Restorative Events

  • Save the date each month for a little extra care and surprise offerings.
  • Workshop atmosphere in a special class for body, mind, and life renewal.

Mindfullness &
Meditation Classes

  • Gentle movement for rejuvenation and living well.
  • Guided meditation and mindfulness practice for real life.