What originally motivated you to do this work, and what continues to motivate you?

As a nurse, I felt the gap in health care where comprehensive whole-person care was incomplete. I left nursing and pursued integrative training through transpersonal psychology and yoga therapy as a way to bridge that gap. I am motivated by witnessing students’ healing journeys; through empowerment, self-care and hope that is real and inspired by self-compassion.

What is your vision?

I am passionate about community service. My vision is to integrate yoga, yoga therapy and wellness practices into underserved communities, particularly those touched by cancer and trauma. Therapeutic yoga and mindfulness practices are an essential component in an integrated health and wellness plan and should be accessible to all.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your therapeutic work?

Connection to courageous, loving people and the reward of creating space for others to connect.

What are some of the things your students and clients have taught you?

We are not defined by our struggles or illness. We can offer our compassion and our gifts and live with chronic illness. We use our stress to heal from the inside out. The depth of this holistic heart work is inspiring to see in my students.

In working with people recovering from life challenges, what changes have you noticed in yourself, your thinking, or feelings about “healing?”

I witness through the eyes of my students’ and clients how resilient they are. They are much more than their diagnosis. They inspire me to live well, seek connection, and to pray and serve one another. I am humbled by the grit and hard work it takes to not just survive, but to thrive.