to bear the confines of the heart

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Imagine being with someone who loves and supports you.

a friend, a teacher-

someone who really means it when they say,

“Sweetheart, you don’t have to work so hard.

You can relax. Come relax with me.”

Just for right now

there’s nothing to get.

Nowhwere to go.

It’s okay not to work so hard.

Exhale as if all your work is done.

Find the space at the end of your exhale.

Feel that space at the end of your breath.

Even for only one breath.

Allow yourself to feel what it feels like to be done.

Listen to your breath as it comes and goes.

Listen to your inhale as it fills you.

Listen while your breath says to you,

“Hey, come here. Come be with me. Let’s be together.

Let’s be together, here, now.”

~Jillian Pransky

Such courage it takes

to bare the confines of the heart-

to show up in authenticity.

The clarity of the winter sky

holds our hope as the sun turns-

as we turn toward our truth-

as we turn toward quiet-

The clear sky is still

so that we may witness

our beautiful lives.

Breathe well. Rest well.



for your breath


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