how to find your true home


I am here to sing show tunes in the shower

to marvel at violets

to scratch the dog’s belly

I am here to bake poppy seed scones for the neighbors

to feel the pain of a paper cut

to forget my keys

I am here to whisper encouraging words

into the heart of a budding artist

to clink a glass of cider with a friend

and laugh ’til my stomach hurts

I am here to smile at cashiers

to hug trees

to read Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”

I am dust and dazzle

love and light

here as a volunteer

to breathe and cry and learn and grow

I am her to experience it all.

~Diane Nichols

yoga reminds us why we live the way we live……we are invited to check in again and again with how we want to show up…….we develop the equanimity to practice strong and true…….

use the simple pause to reconnect your yoga off the mat…..

Breathe. Center. Open.

why are you here?

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