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In the path of embodied awakening, you bring awakening to how life is intimately experienced and felt through your personal filters, through this body, through these thoughts, through these memories and history that you have as a woman and human being. And at the same time, you keep expanding your view, recognizing that this thread you call “my life” is part of a bigger tapestry.

The brighter this thread of you can shine in its
very unique color, the more rich, beautiful and magnificent this tapestry becomes. For the benefit of all.

~ Chameli Ardagh

welcome to your life as it is in 2017…..may you shed a few layers, cultivate resiliency, and seek out support and wellness practices on your journey of survivorship and/or aging gracefully ….

and how? 3 Invitations to Wellness……from me to you…..

  1. Stop all of your “practices” and “shoulds” for a week….let yourself off the hook, and during that week, simply notice what comes up. What do you really need? Also, spend time alone, and then spend time with others that make you feel great. You may be surprised and refreshed in a new way.
  2.  Plan “nothing” days. Yes, I know this sounds impossible, daunting and strange. I started with a half day, once a month:) Worth trying because you actually create space in your life. Notice how you choose, what you choose as “play,” and with whom. Maybe you will notice patterns in how you choose to socialize.
  3.  Learn about “conscious rest and relaxation” through some regular practice. Maybe it’s yoga related, maybe it’s reading, maybe it’s a bath, maybe it’s breathwork. Consider your practice within a group as well. Support is contagious. “Conscious and intentional” are the roots of healing rest.

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