sweet solstice


Life, with all its ups and downs, can distract you from experiencing the joy of simply being- a state of body and mind in which you feel whole, healthy, grounded, and deeply connected to yourself and everything in the cosmos, without the need to fix, change, or heal anything. Meditation is designed to help you achieve this state- to look past distractions, and experience what already is and always will be harmonious and peaceful about yourself. In other words, we practice meditation, not to become whole, but to connect to our existing wholeness. When you’re out of touch with this inner peace, you’ll always feel like something’s amiss. But when you’re in touch with it, you can feel within yourself a constant state of well-being and equanimity. Wholeness is your birthright. You are innately more than a limited individual person; you are spacious, even as you affirm healthy boundaries with yourself and others. And you’re beyond the limits of thought and time, even as time and space continue. As wholeness, you can feel complete, even as your desire to obtain knowledge and from social relationships continues. Simply put, it is possible to feel fulfilled, even as you strive to do more. Knowing and feeling your innate wholeness, especially in the face of day-to-day tasks, is a doorway to true health and well-being. And when you are in touch with your wholeness, other aspects of yourself, such as love, kindness, compassion, joy, and peace, naturally arise.   ~Richard Miller

may the summer solstice be a gentle reminder of possibility, of light informing dark, and your own innate wisdom……may you connect to your breath, practice gently when you are tired, and hold deep kindness for yourself….

strawberry moon


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