finding heart


It’s the gift of limitations that frees us to find our own dream.

~Mark Nepo

find your heart in the pause in your day, in the pause at the end of breath, in the pause between difficult emotions, in the pause between heart and soul…….

true love

The pause at the end of every exhalation invites our awareness of the impermanence of all things- of life itself. In fact, this fourth phase of every breath has a name in Sanskrit: the turiya, meaning the “fourth.” This state is described as being one with the Self, with the infinite. As we are more comfortable with the pause- and with the truth that though the body is transient, the spirit is immutable- we sense the presence of god in all living things. A sabbatical, however brief or extended, is simply a metaphor for creating spaciousness in our busy lives and in each moment. It’s a way of creating a ritual, a sacred pause to invite the remembrance that indeed god is here, and there, and everywhere.  ~Annie Carpenter

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